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Minnesotans are the largest supplier of sugar beets, sweet corn, green peas and turkeys for the US, so commercial truck drivers for the state are needed to continue the chain of supply for the nation. Truckers in Minnesota may also be depended on to provide transportation between the state’s many large cities and into the rural areas, making for many diverse job prospects. To get your commercial driver’s license, you’ll first need to get your learner’s permit by passing a written knowledge test based on the 2023 Minnesota Commercial Driver’s Manual.

How to Prepare

The Minnesota CDL exam, in addition to the separate exams you may take for additional endorsements have hundreds of questions that you may be asked, so it’s important to concentrate and study hard. Adding endorsements to your license can open doors for more job opportunities; endorsements include school bus driving, passenger transport, tanker, Hazmat, multi-trailer, air brakes, and combination vehicle. To get ready for your test, you’ll need to read the Minnesota Commercial Driver’s Manual, sit down with pen and paper, and take notes as you go through the entire handbook. The exam will be multiple-choice, and the questions will be directly from the manual so if you study hard it’s possible to know all the answers. After you’ve gone through the reading, look at your notes and if you notice any areas that are still unclear or hazy, go back and reread those sections. Stay focused, as what you learn will not only help you pass your test but will also help you stay safe and protect your cargo and the others with whom you’ll be sharing the road.

Final Steps

Once you feel confident with what you’ve learned, keep it fresh in your mind by reading through your notes and the manual one more time, and then head to the DVS to take your test. Stay calm, and be confident that you’ve studied hard, and are on the way to a new career.